Samples of Funeral Items & custom orders

Custom Made Memorial Benches

Memorial Benches
A beautiful way to remember your beloved partner and/or family member.
  Custom outdoor benches, placed at their favorite location allow you to sit awhile and visit with their love & spirit.
Affordable Wooden Caskets

Custom Sized Affordable Wooden Caskets
Not a subject that is often discussed but, caskets are used to transport the body of your loved ones to funeral homes, crematoriums and final resting places. Simple in design, these custom sized caskets are an affordable alternative to commercial caskets.
Custom Designed Dovetail Urn for Your Loved Ones Ashes

Custom Wooden Urns
Custom Urns can be made in the rectangular box style with base and lid. Corners are beautifully joined with this dovetail design.
Sample of Round Urns

Sample of a Custom Round Urn
Rounded urns with a removable turn lid. Embossing name and lifespan is an optional added touch to respectfully remember the individual you care about.