Wood Turning – Firewood turns into Bowl

Beautiful 16 Birch Bowl - from a chunk of firewood!
A few recent smaller projects turned on the Lathe have opened up all kinds of ideas in my mind.  I now look at a piece of wood in a new light and "see" what it could become.  


I find it fascinating how a few turns on a lathe can transform a chunk of firewood into an expressive wooden bowl. The rough cut chain sawed edge gives way  to reveal patterns of intricate grain.   Here is the Photo Essay:

chunk of Birch Firewood

Block of raw birch firewood

Roughed out Round of bowl

Roughed out shape

Birch Bowl starts to take shape

Base is started

Birch Bowl getting rounder

Still a heavy piece of wood

Shavings Mill

An abundance of Shavings

Turning wooden bowl on a Lathe

Master Woodworker - Turning the Bowl