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Hand Crafted By Bruce Hobson

Bruce Hobson – Master Woodworker

Hello all. This is my first blog post so I think I should just let you know a little bit about me and what I do. 

My passion is working with wood. I love the colors, the weight, the grains and textures of the surface. Each piece of wood evokes an idea and a question about what I could do with this to make a beautiful table, a bowl, a chair, a cutting board, a music box or a lamp-stand.

Another hobby of mine is photography. I love the morning misty light reflecting off shining bit of moisture soaked leaf.

Nature inspires me to create. I love to release the beauty found in the depths of a gnarly birch burl and transform a “hunk” of wood into a beautiful side table, a bowl or an elegant lamp stand.

While creating the next project, bowl, or chair, I take photos of each phase of development to completion. I wish to share these photo essays with you on in future blog posts.

I welcome your comments and suggestions and I look forward to the next idea coming to life in the workshop.

Master Woodworker

Photo of Bruce Hobson

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