Bruce Hobson - Founder of Watershed Woodworks

A lifetime passion for wooden creations, Bruce's fascination for designing and constructing items out of wood started at school as a youngster in the late 1960's.

Over the decades, and multiple projects, Bruce has honed his skills, expanded his knowledge and grasped  the techniques of how to laminate wooden strips of fir, bend an oak board, fit house logs, make window frames, children's bunk beds, design & assemble green houses and construct a custom dory boat

Creating a wooden bowl on outdoor lathe
Custom props to make custom wooden projects

Bruce has a natural affinity for creating practical things that can be used in everyday life. A lawn chair and custom window bench seats,  dining room tables, wooden bed frames, stair cases, log cabins are all useful projects that have a practical application.


Armed with a natural artistic awareness, Bruce now has the time to expand on his innate insight, ingenuity and know-how to develop true creative works of art.


A slab of firewood transformed into a beautiful fruit bowl,  the exquisite smooth finished edge of a dovetail Urn box or the impeccable dining room table top, truly are works of art.

Elegant Shaving adorn the wall of tools
Bruce Lathing Bowl with precision tools

Bowl Turning with precision tools