Sources of Inspiration


My passion is working with wood. I love the colors, the weight, the grains and textures of the surface. Each piece of wood evokes an idea and a question about what I could do with this to make a beautiful table, a bowl, a chair, a cutting board, a music box or a lamp-stand.  

Bruce Lathing Bowl - Shavings Fly

Shavings Fly - live turning
Live shot of birch bowl shavings free flying from bowl center
Dovetail Urn for a special friend

Dovetail Urn

Custom made Dovetail Urn for a special friend

Natural Knot add Character

Nested Birch Bowls

Natural Knots from branches add pleasing character

2 Happy Ladies, with their new Set of Birch Bowls.
Sets of Nested Bowls
Two Happy Ladies with their new sets of Birch Bowls.
Custom Ordered Tea Tray

Custom Tea Tray
Solid but Light Weight Pine Wood Tea Tray
Three Player cribbage board

Large Cribbage Board
Precision Measure Peg Holes
Six Birch Bowls - all Unique
Birch Bowls

Hand Crafted - six birch bowls turned to perfection